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Problems with Zoysia Green-up in East Cobb, GA

Posted by Christine Crandall on Mar 30, 2019 2:05:10 AM

As you wait for your warm season Zoysia to green up in the spring, you may start to get dismayed. It may look dead, splotchy, or just plain terrible. There are a number of reasons Zoysia grass will not green-up properly in the spring, and they aren’t all bugs and disease.


8 Reasons for Problems with Zoysia Green-up

1. You are seeing your cool season grass:

If you have over seeded with a cool season grass to a keep year-round green hue, then it may simply be your cool season grass, and the green-up hasn’t occurred. With Zoysia grass, it may be unwanted cool season grass, which can have a tendency to invade warm season lawns.

2. It’s dead:

In severe conditions, dormant Zoysia will go dead. You’ll sometimes see summer dormancy in very hot summers, but Zoysia can only handle so much. You may have dead spots caused by conditions that caused the grass to go dormant and then die. This can also happen due to harsh winter conditions.

3. Too much shade:

Zoysia is a full-sun grass, and although it will tolerate shade, it won’t tolerate much. If your Zoysia is under a bunch of foliage, expect some bare spots in your lawn.

4. Compact soil:

If the soil has been compacted over time, grass will not grow. That is why aerating is so important. Roots need to breath, and they can’t if there is not room.

5. Bugs:

There are multiple bugs that can wreak havoc on a yard. Grubs, for example, will cause dead patches in a yard if they are present in enough abundance.

6. Too much water:

Zoysia is not a grass that bodes well in flood irrigation, and it does not like to be over watered. Therefore, any areas in a lawn where pooling could occur could hamper grass growth. Similarly, over watering could introduce the opportunity for disease.

7. Improperly fertilized:

It is easy to over fertilize or do it at the wrong time. Zoysia grass should only be fertilized during its active growing season. You reduce the risk of using too much fertilizer by using slow-release fertilizers.

8. Dogs:

Dogs can ruin any lawn if they are so motivated. Not only can their urine leave dead spots, but they may dig up holes or tear up grass simply running around the yard.

These aren’t the only problems you may run into when you have a Zoysia yard, but they are some of the more common problems generalized, so you can think of your yard in a different way. There is often more than one solution when it comes to repairing a yard, and you should be sure about what is causing the problem before going out and seeking ineffective fixes.


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